Saturday, 19 September 2015


Everyone has their own reason(s) for riding bikes, from a young child discovering the unbridled joy of their first un-assisted effort, through to octogenarians still riding after a lifetime in the saddle. In between these extremes there’s an almost endless mix of reasons, from a simple ride down to the corner shop for a pint of milk, to taking on the challenge of riding from London to Paris in 24 hours.

For me though, increasingly it’s the less obvious benefits that are so valuable. Of course riding more will quickly impact your fitness, and as the speed builds many will also shed  a few kilos too. These early gains can be just the hook needed to keep your motivation levels high.

As the saying goes, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, and it’s this aspect which to me is becoming ever more important. Whilst my day job involves working for a soulless large multinational company, the simple, and timeless act of riding a bike is its perfect foil. After a day of corporate drudgery, there’s nothing better than just getting on my bike and riding away from it all.

Missed deadlines, unanswered e-mail, and performance reviews are forgotten almost as soon as I’m clipped in, and my sanity(whatever that may be) starts to return. The madness of the modern corporate world dissolves as the pedals turn, and soon (relative)calm is restored.
I’ve come to the conclusion that cycling is my therapy, and without it my world would be an altogether worse place.

Vive la Velo