Thursday, 23 April 2015

Just Another Tuesday Night

As we climbed out of the gorge via Coalport Bank bathed in the early evening sun, all those dark and cold winter nights seemed an oh so distant memory. However, it was payback time, and we were reaping the reward from the work we’d put in over the winter months.

With @Daicycling riding the Tour of Pembrokeshire this coming weekend, it seemed only right to take in a few hills, and so after the pre ride coffees(just don’t mention the @SJ1202’s Iced Latte….) it was time to head south towards Coalport, Broseley and beyond. I’d a route in mind that involved many of our favourite climbs.

On the climb back up onto Wenlock Edge from Bourton, the initial group had split into two, with the breakaway featuring the grimpeurs, whilst the remainder were taking things at a more leisurely pace. We didn’t know it at the time, but the breakway’s fate was sealed when we suffered a puncture in the main group. Of course, no assistance was offered, or for that matter expected. Instead a steady stream of advice and guidance was shared with @SJ1202. To his credit he took it all in spirit in which it was intended.

In no time at all we were back on the road, Cressage came and went, as did Ironbridge. On such a beautiful night it seemed only right to take a pitstop at the All Nations Arms on our way back out of the Gorge. As ever, the beer was excellent, and from there it was a short ride back to HQ.

The remainder of the breakaway group was waiting for us in HQ when we arrived, and as the inevitable post ride post mortem took place, the beer flowed freely, and the well-earned Cobs and Chips arrived. Tales of punctures and wrong turns were shared alongside the inevitable inane chatter that follows our regular Tuesday night rides.

Just another Tuesday night perhaps, but noteworthy all the same. A great ride, good beer, and a top group of lads.

Looking forward to doing it all again next week.

Vive la Velo


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