Thursday, 19 March 2015

Max White Limited Edition Collectors Commemorative Ride Report

Happy Birthday Max! photo 10995922_10203865045694774_1411115999460398640_n.jpg
Happy Birthday Max!

Whilst we should celebrate every opportunity we get to ride, only the most special rides are a celebration in themselves, and this week’s Tuesday night ride was one of them.

What better way to celebrate a birthday than to ride your bike, and when Max mentioned that he had a significant birthday approaching it was clear that we needed to do something special. Post ride refuelling was a given, and with the weather forecast looking favourable, Max announced the ‘Max White Limited Edition Collectors Commemorative Ride’. We opted to go imperial for the evening, and to aim for a half century. Entirely fitting in the circumstances……

The longer distance meant an earlier than usual start, and even then we knew we’d need to keep up a healthy speed to make it back to HQ at a decent hour. After the customary pre ride coffee at No5, eleven of us rolled away from the clock tower at 180V sharp; we were off. Early progress was good, but disaster struck for Shaun as we climbed into Cheswardine when his bottom bracket decided it had had enough and tried to uninstall itself from his bike. Without the tools to fix it, we had no option but to press on, and leave Shaun to wait for his very own ‘Voiture Balai’ to sweep him up. Never a man to be defeated though, he still made it back to base for the beer and cobs.

As we endeavoured to make up for the lost time in Cheswardine the pace quickened, and the group were working together nicely as we passed the halfway mark.  Speeding along on the A53 heading towards Shawbury, and…….”BANG”…….the unmistakeable sound of a blow out. Fortunately everyone stayed upright, and as we rolled to a stop it was time to survey the damage. Max had suffered one puncture, whilst Dai had managed a double blow out. Things quickly got worse for Dai though when he discovered that the impact had torn a hole in his tyre, and bent his rim for good measure. Game over for Dai and it was time for another call, and another broom wagon.

Now well behind schedule, we pushed on to try and make up the time lost to mechanicals. Yet another puncture was quickly fixed and we soon on the home straight. One last drag up the ‘Abbey Road’ and it would be downhill all the way home.

We made it to HQ about half an hour late, but the beer was soon flowing and the cobs were well earned. Cakes, cards, and presents followed for the birthday boy, and as we recounted a truly excellent night on the bikes, talk turned to the numerous events fast approaching. We’ve certainly got plenty to look forward to in 2015. A great night all round, and a big thanks for everyone who made it along, and especially to Max for suggesting it in the first place.
Happy Birthday Max! #FiftyNotOut

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