Monday, 2 June 2014

#RealAleWobble2014 Ride Report – Riding with Mr Big Wheels(a.k.a. @936ADL)

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Now that's a Bidon!
As the sun rose on the morning of Saturday 10th May six society members looked across at their wives knowing that in 24 hours’ time their ladies would most probably dislike them. The morning was spent doing fatherly/husband type errands, the reality was that final bike prep was needed for this most epic of days. Cables and brake pads were adjusted; drive trains were cleaned, and one bike was even sprayed a manly silver colour. @936ADL declared his 29 inch hand.

We mustered as requested outside Silks for 2pm, but alas we couldn’t go in, it was closed. We moved to plan B and drank coffee outside a florist. @936ADL and I were joined by @AlScott, @martynbroVVn, @SJ1201 and finally @Owynjones. The bill was settled and we pedalled away heading to the gorge.
Our route took us down towards the manor, across Wesley brook and up past ‘Les reseaux d’egout’. We slid thru Kemberton in silence knowing the journey ahead was littered with hazards. As we approach Halesfield we hooked right onto the bridleway that runs the ridge. @AlScott reminded @SJ1202 that it was at this point in the 2013 Autumn Wobble that he fell off, giggling so much at his recollection that….he fell off, quickly followed by @martynBroVVn.  Two down already, and not a single energy drink had been consumed.

We rode passed the now empty brewery where last year’s wobble started getting wobbly. Across the iron bridge and down the old railway line to our first re fuelling point of the day, The Black Swan, overlooking the Jackfield rapids. Two energy drinks were consumed in quick succession, photos were taken, and mud was removed from faces. Over the Severn once more to The Robin Hood, and a further energy drink was imbibed.
Lloyd’s coppice towered above us, which was negotiated via a narrow muddy track, up what seemed like an impossible incline. We smashed it. Our prize could be seen thru the trees, The All Nations Public House. Three more energy drinks were hastily taken on.  At this point @martynbroVVn departed, his wobble curtailed by his mistress, a love of egg chasing. Madeley was shunned in favour of a return to Kemberton for the a final stop at the Mason’s Arms.  @AlScott had been warned by @SJ1202 at the Robin Hood that his choice of energy drink was too strong, and @SJ1202 was proved correct as @AlScott’s Tourette’s syndrome kicked in hard.  This was all too much for @SJ1202 who choose to drink alone outside.

We bumped in to @GreenAcres_Farm (quite literally) on the way to King Charles’ Wood, and photos were taken of us on his quite lovely vintage tractor. Quite a few offs took place in Charlie’s wood, but thankfully none were too serious. Back past ‘Les reseaux d’egout’, one more fall over the speed bumps and back to HQ for some rehydration. After a much needed shower we regrouped to discuss the day.
Mr. Big wheels never fell off, but he did fall asleep. The big wheel keeps on turning on a single line day by day, the Earth spins on its axis, one man struggles, the others relaxes……