Thursday, 15 May 2014

Goodbye Five, Hello Dale

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Old Meets New
The cutting of the gear cable was symbolic, and marked the point of no return. After much agonising, it was time for the Orange 5 to go. Purchased back in 2007, it was the icon of a time before I’d discovered riding on the road.

The final nail in its coffin was the recent arrival of #N+1, another mud plugger and one which could not be more different from the Orange. However the big wheels and simplicity of Dale won the day, and made me realise that it was time.

As I stripped the bike down i remembered the great rides we’d enjoyed together, from crossing fells in Lancashire, to climbing the Wrekin. It wasn’t all good though, as the scar on my top lip reminds me daily.

With the parts now gradually making there way to new owners via the wonders of eBay I can only hope the bikes new owner(s) enjoy  it as much as I have.

Vive la Velo

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  1. This post just goes to illustrate my point in my latest blog , , You young whipper snappers have no feel for the retro world we OAPs still inhabit . Enjoy the modern world!


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