Friday, 18 October 2013

When Less Is More

The march of technology in the cycling world is relentless. We’re currently being told all about how badly we need disc brakes on our road bikes, whilst electronic gears and 11 speed groupsets are now the norm. What’s more, there’s a seemingly unending number of wind tunnel tested, Asymmetric, monocoque plastic frames out there to choose from, all offering huge gains over last year’s model. Really? I’m not so sure…..
 photo null_zps806f473b.jpg
Exhibit A

My latest bike is the absolute antithesis to this marketing lead clap trap. A fully custom frame, hand crafted in Reynolds 853 by one of England’s finest builders, and just a single gear. No dodgy electrics and certainly no disc brakes. Just a good, old fashioned bike.
The only thing that’s better than the way this bikes looks(please forgive my obvious bias), is the way it rides. Beautifully stable whatever the conditions, and super responsive. Stomp on the pedals, and the reaction is instant, whilst at the same time offering a lovely compliant ride as only Steel can do. Steel really is real!
I’m sure the latest wizzbang Pinarago Di15 Asymmetric Aero XL is a lovely thing, but I’ll stick to my bike any time.
Vive La Velo


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