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ShifnalCyclingSociety Time Trial Championship 2013 Report

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More Ears Than Gears

Our society goes from strength to strength, and alongside the growing numbers on our regular rides, last weekend saw the completion of our inaugural time trial championship.
There’s been whispers of a new Shifnal based ten mile time trial course for a while, so when I heard that the SCCA season ending TT would be the first event to use it, it was too good an opportunity to miss. The plan was to high jack this event, without telling the organisers of course, and to make it the society’s very first Time Trial Championships.
Even with a couple of late withdrawals the turnout was good and 8 of us, including two from our ladies section, rolled out of Shifnal heading for the start line. The pace was gentle as we all balanced the need to warm up cold muscles with the desire to save our energy for the main event.
Signing on was our first hurdle, as we immediately seemed to incur the displeasure of the rather fearsome lady  running the entry process. Amazingly she’d never heard of the society, and refused to recognise our existence. Ignorance is no excuse, but she wouldn't budge, and instead we signed on under the ‘Come & Try’ banner.
A quick espresso in the excellent Horns of Boningale, and it was time to line up at the start. The nerves were making their presence felt as the first few riders rolled away from the line.
To capture this momentous occasion we had not one but two official photographers out on the course. Both society fellows who couldn’t make the race itself, a big thanks go out to Adam and Simon for the pictures.

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Get those elbows in!

So, to the race itself. The course is certainly not flat, and the windy conditions on the day didn’t help matters. The consensus amongst the other riders was that this was a power course, and would reward riders who could maintain speed up the long drags which were its defining features.
My own personal low point was the last hill with about a mile to go. It felt like I was down to a crawl as I laboured up the climb, and all I could think of was trying to leave something in the tank for the downhill run to the finish. Round the final corner, and one last effort to get over the line. The encouragement from the other riders was greatly appreciated. Pain and pleasure in equilibrium.
The thing that appeals to me so much about time trials is the fact that is makes no difference where you come in the final standings, it’s about you and the clock. For some of our group it was a first ever taste of time trialling, and for us all it was the first time on a new course.
A special mention must go to the ladies, Anna & Annette, both riding their first ever TT and giving it all they had on the day. Anna was convinced up until a couple of hours before the start that it was only 10 kilometres and not miles. However, this didn’t stop her from taking the spoils just over a minute ahead of Annette. Just don’t mention the fact that she was caught metres from the line by a charging Johnny.  A great ride from both Ladies; chapeau!
Chapeau also to Shaun and Max for popping their TT’ing cherries, and to Scott, for dipping under the magic 30 minute mark by the narrowest of margins.

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Every Second Counts

A great afternoon all round, and the full results are included below.

Course K21/10B - New Course(Shifnal)

Position                No            Name                                    Actual Time
1                              22           Andrew Loveland              26:31
2                              19           John Sanders                      27:33
3                              18           Scott Jackson                     29:59
4                              14           Martin Brown                    31:10
5                              20           Max White                          31:45
6                              13           Anna Loveland (L)             33:34
7                              17           Annette Lawrence (L)      34:27
8                                  21           Shaun Hanson                       34:49

Vive la Velo


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  1. Great experience and a testing course. In retrospect, I should have chosen a higher gear ratio on the singlespeed as I ran out of gears on the descents. 51x16 is my excuse (as well as my flying elbows and the fact I'd done a 5K road race earlier in the day).
    Splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon : good company, bikes and coffee.


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