Friday, 30 August 2013

Ride Report - The #BaconRun

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The Destination

The formula is a simple one….
An early morning alarm call, load up the panniers, and then head for the traditional #BaconRun rendezvous point, otherwise known as the Clocktower in Shifnal. Once my co-conspirator, @ObsessiveJohn has arrived, it’s just a case of pedalling as fast as we can for the next 75 minutes or so.
Sheriffhales passes in a blur, and the totally unnecessary ascent towards the Lillieshall monument is despatched with ease. The Wrekin looms large above us as we cross the Weald Moors toward our destination.
The drudgery of the day job couldn’t be more different from the exhileration of an early morning ride, especially when watching all the poor souls in the cars as they drive to work.
Our final hurdle is Aldi Huez(whoever named this strava segment, I salute you), before passing through Central Park and across the EP.
It’s time for the prize, a Latte and a Bacon Roll at Café Kix!
Another #BaconRun successfully completed.

Vive la Velo!

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