Friday, 28 June 2013

Farewell to an Old Friend – The Langster

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The Langster

It’s always a sad day when you retire a bike from your stable, especially when it’s one which has afforded me so much pleasure over the time we’ve shared together. However, on Sunday it was time to take ‘The Langster’ for one last spin.
Purchased on a whim from eBay, it’s this bike which has been responsible for my love affair with riding singlespeeds on the road.  For this fact alone I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Whilst serving primarily as my ‘winter’ bike, time and time again The Langster has shown it’s versatility. We’ve time trialled together(including a new pb over 10 miles just two weeks ago), completed an Imperial Century together, and have even crashed together.
We all move on though, and as heavy as my heart was as I was stripping him down, it was also full of joy at the prospect of his replacement.

As the saying goes “The King is Dead, Long Live the King!”

Vive la Velo

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Longest Day - #ProjectSASv2

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There's some big numbers in there!

I’ve just dragged myself out of bed and found the simple act of walking downstairs a really quite painful process. The sure sign of an epic ride!
Words really do fail me, I’m nowhere near eloquent enough to express what a day it was yesterday. The picture above sums it all up perfectly.

Here are the full details -

A day 100% devoted to the simple act of riding a bike.
A massive thanks to my co-conspirator, @MartynBroVVn; I couln’t have done it without you!

Vive la Velo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer Social Ride – Sunday June 30th

****************** Updated 29/6 ***********************

Ok, the weather's been booked and the route planned.

A slight amendment to the start time, and wheels will be turning at 100V sharp from the clocktower in Shifnal.

See you Sunday


Summer’s well and truly upon us, so it seems high time that we organised another Social Ride. Leave the testosterone behind, and forget about Strava segments, this ride's all about the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

The pace will be gentle, and we’ll be aiming for about 60km on the day. Perhaps most importantly a mid ride re-fuelling stop will be factored in.

Wheels will be turning at 103V sharp from the Clocktower in Shifnal.

All are welcome!

Vive la Velo

Friday, 7 June 2013

The #ShifnalCyclingSociety #RealAleWobble2013

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Now where did i leave my bike?

Ok, we spent long enough talking about this ride, it’s time to get something in the calendar.

The Plan – Ride Bikes, Drink Beer, & Eat Curry.

The Route – TBC, but will involve some off road cycling(Mtbs required, leave the 23s at home!), and some fine Real Ale establishments.

·         When? – Saturday 14th September 2013 – Wheels turning 120V sharp. Pre ride espressi @ Silks CafĂ© from 1130.

·         Where? – Shifnal, Shropshire

·         Why? – Why not?

This promises to be a highlight of the 2013 cycling Calendar.
Who’s in?