Saturday, 20 April 2013

Uncharted Territory

Tynemouth Castle
As much as I love the variety of cycling that Shropshire offers, it’s always nice to cycle somewhere new. New roads mean new challenges, and unexpected terrain to keep up on your toes.

Earlier in the week a business trip to Newcastle offered up the perfect opportunity to venture further afield. Just knowing that I had a ride to look forward to once we’d finished for the day made the ludicrously early start almost bearable.

Meetings completed, and hotel found, it was time to put the bike back together and hit the road. My plan was simple. Head from Newcastle city centre along the northern banks of the Tyne, then turn left and up the coast. Riding along the coastline always takes me back to my younger days when I lived on the Kent coast, seemingly a million miles away from the landlocked county of Shropshire.

The following two hours served to illustrate why I love cycling so much. The simple act of pushing the pedals the perfect antidote to the drudgery of the afternoon’s meeting.

Whitley Bay came and went and was so reminiscent of my hometown. A proud seaside town; perhaps not as grand as it once was, but still retaining a certain charm. I turned inland as I reached Blyth in the now fading light. The bright lights of the city centre guided me back to my hotel, and a well earned beer.

It’s not what you ride, or where you ride, what’s important is that you do!

Vive la Velo!   

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