Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Project London2Paris 2013 - All I need is a bike..

Riders have committed, dates have been confirmed, the route’s been chosen, ferry crossings and hotels have need booked, there really is no going back now.

This all started as @ASL191’s idea as a way to mark a significant birthday which she’s celebrating in 2013. A few possibilities were discussed, but we soon settled on what’s got to be one of the truly great rides, a box that needs ticking by any cyclist.

It’s all too easy to join an organised London2Paris ride, but we want to do it the hard way. Unsupported, and carrying all our kit with us. Doing it this way means that you need the right bike for the job, and whilst the other members of the group all had suitable bikes, I didn’t.

I know what you’re all thinking, but I really didn’t want to go down the N+1 route. Instead, I’ve decided to utilise what’s without a doubt the versatile bike in my stable, my On One Pompino. However, loaded up with panniers and on unknown roads leaving this in its current singlespeed spec’ is not really an option.
After trawling around on the web for solutions, a gearbox hub seemed the obvious choice. As much a Rohloff appealed, the quite ridiculous price tag ruled this out immediately. It came down to a straight choice between Shimano’s Alfine offerings, and in the end I’ve opted for the 8 speed variant. I just couldn’t justify the extra expense of the 11.
So, the hub’s been ordered from Rose bikes in Germany and is currently on its way courtesy of DHL. All I need to do is get it laced up and on the bike. When it’s built and on the bike I’ll report back.
Hang on, what could this be…….

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A present from Germany!

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