Friday, 28 December 2012

The last #BikeToWork of 2012

It must be said that cycling does provide the ideal opportunity to absorb more of the surroundings that would normally be overlooked if travelling by car. Things like the gradient of the road, the road surface, the weather and the scenery.

Whilst commuting to work this year I have been lucky enough to witness an array of these sights, sounds and smells that are oblivious to motorists in their tin boxes. Beautiful sunrises, thick fog, torrential rain, ice, floods and great wildlife such as squirrels scurrying between my wheels.

As @936ADL and I set off for the final #BikeToWork commute of 2012 our minds were focused on where we would be able to acquire coffee and bacon on our arrival in Telford as our regular eatery is closed for the Christmas break.  The rain had eased off and the temperature quite comfortable as we dipped into the Ironbridge Gorge seeking out the disused railway line known as the Silkin Way that would deliver us into Madeley.

As we circumnavigated Sutton Hill island in Madeley, I happened to spot the greatest example of stealth parking I've seen in a while. We went around the island again to get a closer look.

@936ADL admires the parking
Concealed parking
The reality of the matter was that the driver of the vehicle had obviously failed to recognise that the road on which they were travelling (probably at great speed) was punctuated with a rather large island.

Unsuccessful application of breaks resulted in the little red hatchback becoming deposited, and rather neatly concealed, amongst Telford & Wrekin Council’s finest shrubbery.

The hilarity of the situation was suddenly quelled as @936ADL asked “Is there anyone in there?” I rubbed the rain off the rear window and looked inside. Thankfully, the car was empty. Its occupants had been able to flee from the scene. Recognition must be given to the trees and shrubs in the middle of the island that probably saved someone’s life last night by providing a soft landing for the out of control vehicle. Had it have been a brick wall, or lamppost, then @936ADL would certainly not be smiling for the #BikeToWork picture.

You will pleased to know that the commute into work reached a pleasantly satisfying conclusion at the Sainsbury's (Telford Bridge Retail Park) restaurant where sausages and coffee are served up in abundance.

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  1. A great way to finish off a year's commuting by bike!


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