Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Smug Commuter

As yet another afternoon nears its end, it’s time to leave the corporate drudgery behind, and to press the play button on a life that was seemingly paused when I entered the office this morning.
It’s dark, it’s raining, and very windy as I leave the office. Do I care? Not one bit, and I can feel the life coming back into me as I near the bike sheds. The tin roof serves to amplify the rain drops tenfold as I unlock my faithful old commute hack. One chap passing the shed says “Nice night for a ride!” as he scuttles towards his car. “Oh yes” I reply. And I couldn’t mean it more. He can keep his tin box, I’ll stick with the bike.
As I pass the office I’ve just escaped from, it stands proud of its surroundings, lights on, like the  soulless ghost ship that it is. No more than a couple of minutes into the ride home and I’m already pretty wet, but no amount of rain will dampen my spirits this evening.
The road conditions are awful on the lanes leading into Shifnal, and I have to turn back at one point to avoid a badly flooded section. Never mind, plan B is called upon, and before long I’m rolling into town. It’s now time for without a doubt the best part of the ride. Today I’m not the only cycle commuter in the family, my two daughters have also ridden to school as well.
As we leave the after school club my youngest daughter exclaims “We’re cycling home! We’re going to get soaked” with real glee. That’s my girl. Smug? You bet!
Vive La Velo!


  1. I still get excited at the prospect of cycling to and from work just as I did when I used to cycle to school on my 10 speed road racer with saddle bag loaded with exercise books, PE kit and packed lunch.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me. You should have kept that racer, it would be worth a few bob!


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