Monday, 19 November 2012

The Monday Commute

How better to cheer up a dreary Winter Monday morning than with the excitement of a pre-work bike ride. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to commute everyday on the bike.

I decided to experiment with an alternative route into work today. The course couldn’t be too demanding as I had to leave something in the tank for the evening’s Concept2 indoor rowing session.

The Pompino and I set off just after 7am and we headed north out of Shifnal towards Lilleshall. On the approach to Lilleshall Golf Course I turned around and looked behind me to see the most amazing sunrise.

Sunrise over Birmingham

The Pompino

Continuing along the Lilyhurst Road, skirting the south side of Lilleshall monument I eventually arrived in Muxton. Avoiding the A4640 Donnington Wood Way, I decided to weave my way through Donnington and up the 8% climb up Gower Street into St. Georges. It was at this moment, as I was driving up the incline, that the Pompino developed a mechanical!

The back wheel appeared to lock up. For a moment, I thought that the free-wheel had failed. Forced to dismount, mid climb, I initiated the investigation as to the possible cause.  I lifted up the back end of the bike and attempted to spin the wheel. It showed no desire to move. Eventually, after trying to spin the wheel in the opposite direction, normal service was instantly resumed.  I had no idea as to the cause, or the cure, of the problem and I was about to resume the journey when I happened to look down and spot the culprit.

A busted fag lighter almost had me down

A large chunk of yellow plastic (remnants of a busted cigarette lighter) had flicked up and wedged itself between the tyre and mudguard thus simulating the application of a rear brake.

Luckily, both tyre and mudguard were undamaged and I was able to continue along the litter strewn streets of St. Georges.

Here's the route

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