Friday, 19 October 2012

If it looks right........

…then it almost certainly is right! Never have truer words been spoken than when this well known phrase is applied to cycling.
Cyclists adhere to all sorts of ‘rules’, some written, some not. What I find fascinating is how many of these ‘rules’ are underpinned by the ‘If it looks right….’ principle.
Allow me to use a couple of simple examples to prove my hypothesis;
1.       Non Essential Cycle Appendages(from here on in known as NECAs). I’d originally thought of singling out the mudguard, but on reflection this seems slightly unfair. Instead I’ve extended the point to include all NECAs, including Bells, Dork Discs, reflectors, and anything else hung off our bikes which do not directly contribute the purity of the visual experience.
We can all build arguments for NECAs, hell some of us(yes me included) will even have a winter hack/commuter lurking in their stable sporting mudguards, but this should never be seen as an admission that these are acceptable. A contradiction in itself granted, but this is not a black and white business.
And as for Dork discs, honestly, WTF? These have absolutely no place on any bicycle ever. Don’t believe the BS too often pedalled that these will save your back wheel if you over shift. It’s quite simple, take the time to get your pride and joy set up properly and this argument can be cast aside, along with the Dork Disc you’ve just removed!
2.       Innapropriate Attire. Where do you start? Baggies and/or Camelbak on a road bike, or perhaps the old chestnut of trade team kit(is this ever right?) not matching the bike. These are just two examples of too many. The next time you’re dressing yourself before you roll down the road, take a few moments and have a look in the mirror. Be honest, does it look right? You’ll know the answer instantly.
I could go on and on, but these two examples illustrate the point beautifully.
No where’s that mirror….

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