Monday, 15 October 2012

Guiding the Uninitiated

What a truly momentous year it’s been for cycling in Britain. A World Champion, our first ever winner of ‘Le Tour’, as well as another dominant display in the Olympic Velodrome. However, it’s not the professionals that I find most encouraging, it’s more the way in which as a nation we seem to have been inspired to get on our bikes. I only need to think of my group of friends to demonstrate. People who looked upon me as some kind of lycra clad weirdo not all that long ago, have seen the light. BSOs have been sold at car boots, and in their place are machines that do justice to the bicycle.
This phenomenon has led to me feeling an added burden of responsibility.  Whilst I’d never consider myself as a cycling sensei, I take Rule #3 seriously and feel a great sense of duty to guide the uninitiated. Whether this be guidance on which machine will suit their needs, to the removal of dork discs, through to the correct way to build malted recovery beverage consumption into any ride. This is a serious business.
It’s all worth it though, and there’s no doubt that our society is stronger now than it’s ever been. Bikes have come and gone over the course of the year, and many great rides have been completed. I’m convinced that we’ve reached a critical mass and that things can only go from strength to strength in 2013.


  1. Does this mean that you will take it as a compliment if I continue to replicate your entire bike collection?

  2. You have certainly helped to motivate me so well done to you from Tat

  3. Agreed, a source of great inspiration and motivation.

  4. John,

    It'ss an honour!


    It's been too long. we shoulf get out sometime.


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