Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Drop!

Sometimes rides just don’t turn out the way you’d planned them do they? This morning’s commute into work was a perfect example. After a fairly hard ride last night with Mart and Johnny I’d planned to take it steady on the way in this morning. Things soon changed though………
It made a nice change to be on the Orange after the last few days on the road . The idea was to ride in over Nedge Hill, and to come home via an extended off road loop. However, as I turned into Shaw Lane I caught sight of another cyclist in my peripheral vision, on a road bike. It was time to make a decision. Did I sit up and allow him to catch me, or should I forget the steady ride, and see what I could do?
If there’s anything more satisfying than executing a ‘catch’, then it would have to be dropping the would be ‘catcher’. Even more so, when on a mountainbike. So decision made, it was time to put the hammer down.  A sly glance behind confirmed that I was well and truly in his sights, but could he make it stick? It was big ring stuff up and over the first incline before trying to settle into a steady pace. Suddenly I sensed something behind me. Not a bike though, but a car which passed quickly enough. No time to ease up, and I was soon past the stables and nearing the top. As I crested the final climb one last look behind confirmed that the drop has been completed!
What better way to start the day?

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