Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Not Long Now.....

@RourkeBikes has just tweeted that my frame is off the jig! Woo Bloody Hoo!

Jason really has done a fantastic job of keeping me up to date with how the build is going, from early pictures of a collection of tubes on his bench, through to close ups of the signature tube tube wrapover.

The last week or so has made the whole waiting process worthwhile. From dropping off the custom made headbadge, to going over the build spec with Gareth. I've had the chance to double check the spec, and to make last minute adjustments to make sure that it's exactly what i'm after.

As i've said before anyone can walk into a bike shop and buy a Dogma/Venge/Madone, but it will in no way match the experience of having something build just for you, by a real craftsmen.

If you want to get an idea of what you're getting if you go for a Rourke, check out this video.


  1. So how many bikes are in your stable ? Are you a hoarder or a committed enthusiast ?

  2. Commited enthusiast i like to think.

    Never enough is the answer to your first q ;¬)


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