Sunday, 11 March 2012

A New Arrival

Anna's New Bike!

I like to welcome a new addition to the society, a 2012 Specialized Secteur! I’ve been telling Anna for a while that she needs a ‘proper’ bike, and we’ve finally taken the plunge.

The original plan was to opt for an Allez, but the stipulation for a Triple(tut tut!), and for it not to be black, ruled that one out. In many ways the Secteur makes more sense. The more relaxed geometry is better suited to what it’s going to get used for.

First impressions are excellent, and for the money it’s a great introduction to road bikes. Not the flashest spec out there, but everthing’s where it should be.

This is sure to feature in future blog entries I’m sure.


  1. Triple..sensible girl! Not seduced by male machissmo :-) If you ask nicely, she may wait for you at the top of those steep hills. No mudguards, tho i think the Specialized has the screw holes for them. Personally I feel bikes look better bare but I have been dragooned into having mudguards fitted by my cycling group. Country lane cow muck :-()

    1. There's no doubt that a triple was the sensible option, but mudguards are a step too far. It's mostly going to be a sunny day bike anyway so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

  2. Welcome to the club Anna!


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