Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Weekend Off

With my SO away for a couple of days, i've been off the bike all weekend. It's the first time i've had two cycling free days back to back since last August. No big deal really, but being off the bike just makes me realise how much i've become obsessed by cycling in all it's forms.

The time's not been entirely wasted though. As well as finishing Graeme Obree's training manual(an excellent read!), I've managed to make some changes to the website, and have included an events calendar, containing all the events that we'll be undertaking in 2012. Keep an eye on it, as i'm sure more will be added as we move through the year.

Putting this list together has made me realise how much we've got to look forward to in the coming months. From mixed rides, to Cycling's monuments, riding across Wales in the dark, as well as visiting the greatest sporting event on Earth.

Our first event is three weeks away. The route's planned, and i'm hopeful of a good turnout. Fingers crossed that by then the snow will have gone, and it will be a little warmer.......

Oh, and i'm looking forward to being back on the bike tomorrow!

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