Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Decisions Decisions Part 2

I blogged back in December about my new bike for 2012, and I thought it was time for an update.

I’ve been measured up(massive thanks to Brian Rourke!), picked the colour scheme, and decided on much of the finishing kit. But as the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail, and this has never been truer than when you’re putting together a custom build.

With even the pros riding ‘off the peg’ machines these days, it’s really quite a privilege to have a frame made especially for me. This isn’t something I’m likely to be able to afford again, and so I want to make sure it’s right.

Since my blog in December I think it’s fair to say there’s been a fair amount of scope creep in the build. There’s nothing wrong with the wheelset on my current #1 bike, but they just wouldn’t look right on the new Rourke, and so I’ve taken the plunge on a set of Hope Hoops in black. You can keep your fancy Zipp carbon wheels, for me Hope make just about the finest hubs money can buy. These have been matched to a set of Hope Skewers. The Mk1 variants were dire, but I’ve been assured the new versions are a marked improvement. Let’s hope so! A nice new cassette finishes things off nicely in the wheel department.

My original plan was to pretty well move the entire groupset across from my current Rourke, but incident a couple of weeks ago put paid to that plan. An incident with a ford(not the automotive type) left me with a smashed shifter pod, and so I’ve had to think about replacements. After hunting round on the web I found myself looking first for a replacement LH shifter. As only the internet can do, I was led down the path of temptation, and have ended up purchasing some quite lovely new Record 10 shifter pods. My first step towards a fully equipped Record road bike. It won’t happen overnight, but I get the feeling I’ve started something I’m going to have to finish!

I’ve always been a lover of headtube badges, and to me these can really set off a frame. A few years ago I had a headtube badge made up for a bike that’s now left the Shifnal Cycling Society stable, and I’ve got the same guy to make up one for the new Rourke. It should be here before too long, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like. I’ve even colour matched the paint to the colours being used on the frame. Anal? Yes, absolutely! But as I said earlier it’s the little things that can really set a custom build apart.

Less than 3 months to delivery…….

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