Saturday, 7 January 2012

Aiming High in 2012

I blogged before about targets and what they can do for your riding, but I’ve only ever written about ones that I’ve passed. In 2012 I want to change that, and publish some targets up front. The aim being to keep me honest, and to measure progress against them as we go through the year.

So, here goes. I’ll start with the easy ones, the numbers.

  1. To ride 10,000km in 2012. Slightly shy of my 2011 distance, but still a healthy target to aim for. This year I want to focus on quality and not just quantity
  2. I managed to shed 2 stone in 2011 and there’s still a fair bit to go. My target for the year is to get down to 87kgs.
  3. To ride higher than ever before. This will hinge on our Tour de France trip in July, and our planned ascent of the Col du Galibier(2645m). My legs are hurting just thinking about it…..
  4. I’d like to get at least one really long day in the saddle in this year. 200km at least, maybe more.
  5. Lower my PB for a 10mile TT. I did a 27:30 in 2011, and I’d really like to get into the 25s, but that’s going to require a fair jump in average speed. We’ll see…
  6. Added 15/2/2012 - To complete a Metric Century Ride in every calendar month during 2012. Jan's and Feb's are in the bag, and hopefully i'll be able to keep it going.
  7. Added 15/2/2012 - This one is inspired by an exchange with Mart. It's a tough ask and it perhaps the one that will be the easiest to fail. To ride 100km in under 3hrs 30mins. My quickest so far is just over 3hr 40min, so there's a fair bit to do. Each km will need to be covered 6 secs quicker. Hmmm

Sometimes however it’s the things you can’t measure that give the most pleasure, and I’ve also got some more subjective targets for 2012. The main one being to develop the Shifnal Cycling Society. This is a loose amalgam of people who all share a passion for bikes, and great plans are afoot for 2012. From Sportives, to continental trips to pay homage to the greats of our sport, to multi day tours in England. I’m hoping that there will be something for everyone.

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