Sunday, 11 December 2011

La Voiture Balai

What started out as a run of the mill Saturday ride(albeit flying solo) ended up in the ignominy of being collected by my SO in the society voiture balai.

Rolling out of Shifnal, although it was a cold morning, the road conditions were good. My plan was to do a loop I’ve tackled many time before, but as I crossed the A519 just west of Newport and headed towards Cheswardine, conditions started to deteriorate markedly. Patches of ice were becoming worryingly apparent, and the verges featured frozen puddles aplenty.

I was going well though, and so I pushed on. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I really would have been better off doing the sensible thing and turning back. Then came the first warning;  the back wheel slid out from underneath me on a straight stretch of road. Somehow I managed to stay upright! Hmm.

As I cycled though Cheswardine things appeared to be improving(who was I trying to kid), but as I left the town, things got much worse very quickly. The road had taken on a worrying shine.

Taking it very gingerly I tried to keep on the dry looking parts of the road, but as I approached a slight kink in the road, bang, I was off and sliding down the road on my arse. The Langster ended up in the hedge as I picked myself form the middle of the road. The bike was OK, but I’d landed squarely on my right knee. Ouch.

I’d had enough, cycling on road tyres in these conditions was madness, it was time for La Voiture Balai!

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