Thursday, 1 December 2011

Decisions Decisions

My blogs are normally reflective, but this one is about tomorrow. Not just any old tomorrow, but Friday 2nd December 2011.

So what’s so special about tomorrow? Well, I’m off to see a man about a (new)bike. Not just any man, about any bike, but Brian Rourke about one of his custom built creations in the finest tubing Reynolds has to offer. I’m very excited!

After much deliberation I’ve decided on the colour scheme, and I’m pretty well set on the spec. Much will be carried over from my current #1 road bike(also one of Brian’s), but there’ll be a sprinkling of new bits too.

Although none of my bikes are ‘off the peg’, this is the first time I will have ever had a frame made especially for me. I’m looking forward to putting together something truly unique.

Tomorrow is just the starting point. I will keep you all posted…….

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  1. Wonderful! I have done something similar..I am having a made to measure Mercian and it should be delivered in time for my 65th birthday next March :-) Wont go any faster or further..but I will enjoy it.


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