Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Bikes Part 2 - One From the Dark Side!

The focus of the society seems to be very much on the roads at the moment, but it wasn’t all that long ago that the majority of my cycling was of the off road variety. I still venture off road regularly, and when I do I’ve the pleasure of doing so on this beauty.

My Five
 It’s a custom build 2007 Orange 5, in a green normally reserved for 2007 model year Patriots, kitted out with Pace RC40 Fighter Forks, Hope finishing kit, and a full M970 XTR drivetrain. The exchange rate was much healthier back then, and XTR was a fraction of what it would cost today. It replaced my previous FS Mtb, a rather lovely Santa Cruz Superlight. As you can see I’ve a thing for single pivot bikes. The simplicity takes a lot of beating IMHO.

So why an Orange? Aside from the fantastic reviews, to me a large part of the appeal was the fact that this frame was handmade in England, and this also accounts for the Pace forks. The Hope kit was a must, as they make just about the most lovely Mtb hubs & brakes that money can buy. And like Orange, they’re based in England.

It rides as nicely today as the day it was put together. It really is a lovely bike to ride, and I really can’t ever see it being replaced. It has soaked up everything I’ve ever thrown at it, from twisty technical singletrack to Lancastrian Fells, with Welsh Trail centres and Cannock Chase thrown in for good measure.

To my mind, it’s just about the perfect all round Mtb. Every collection should have one……

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