Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Pomp

It seems only right to spend a some time paying homage to the bikes that make all that we do in the society possible.

But, where to start? For me it's often the most unlikely bikes that give the most pleasure. So, let me introduce you to without a doubt the most verstile bike I own. My trusty commuter hack come Paris Roubaix weapon, and a bike that takes just about whatever you throw at it.

The Pomp!
It's a bike that's evolved in the time that i've owned it. Originally put together using any old bits that I had spare, i've gradually honed it into just about the perfect commuter hack. I'm normally very firmly in the no mudguards camp, but as a year round commuter 'The Pomp' just about gets away with it.

It built to take abuse, so Open pro rims laced to bombproof Hope hubs cover off the wheels, whilst a mixture of On One and FSA kit complete the rest of the build. An XT chainset c.2000 and a Goldtec chainring finish things off nicely.

Earlier in the year the society paid a trip to the Hell of the North, and 'The Pomp's' services were called upon. Again it proved the perfect bike, and soaked up all that the cobbles could throw at it, including the legendary Arenberg Forest.

A fantastic bike, i'd recommend them to anyone who's after a no nonsense bike for all seasons.

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