Saturday, 24 September 2011

Family Commitments

I was unable to join the Saturday morning branch of the SCS today due to a family commitment. My wife, Nellie, was competing (that’s running) in the Midland road relays at Sutton Park Birmingham so I went along to support her.
Genesis Croix De Fer
However, this doesn’t mean that I shied away from the Saturday morning ride. Rather than drive to Sutton Park I loaded up the panniers on my trusty Genesis Croix De Fer with bananas and Jelly Babies and decided to bike there.
The weight of bananas and the steel frame Genesis made the going slower than normal but what the hell – it wasn’t a race.  It felt like I was working against a head wind all the way there too (or am I just unfit?).
I took the opportunity to pass through some of my old stomping grounds Bloxwich, Rushall, Coalpool and Aldridge (Walsall). Cyclists should proceed with caution through these communities, as the local motorists are not familiar with pedal powered modes of transport. Boy racers in supped up hot hatches along with rag‘n bone men in flatbed trucks show no respect when passing at speed with only a couple of inches between them and you. Their journey is obviously far more important!
Sutton Park Streetly Gate
Managed to survive the urban jungles and get to Sutton Park in a little less than two hours. Had a banana, watched Nellie run and had a tootle around the park on the traffic free tarmac paths (ideal for family cycling).
Came home via a slightly different route skirting closer to the northern outskirts of Wolverhampton passing through Bushbury, Albrighton and Cosford on the Sustrans cycle route 81.
58 miles in just over 4 hours. Not bad considering I kept stopping to take photos and update my location on Foursqaure (sad eh?).

Just spotted that I burned off over 3,000 calories. I'll be putting a few of them back later in The Anvil.

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  1. thanks johnny for coming watch,it spurred me to run a good time, so luckily for you i'm in a good mood!!!!!


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