Thursday, 22 September 2011

Commuting, Punctures and 2012......

Another week has passed and the society collective have been clocking up the miles nicely.

Today I hooked up with our resident webmaster for a sneaky loop on the way home from our daily distractions some call a 'career'. As you expect when Johnny is involved a fast pace was the order of the day as we made our way back to Shifnal via the town park, Tweedale, Kemberton, and Grindle.

My heart sank as we passed a farmer creating millions of puncture opportunities as we got to Grindle, and you guessed it, Psssssssssssssssssst. I managed to get home after a couple of re-inflations with about 5 mins to spare.

So what's the 2012 bit about? Well with the dates of the spring classics pretty much set, and rumours of the 2012 Tour route rife it seems only right to start thinking about next year's continental trips. Easter in Belgium followed by the Alps for the Tour seems about right.

Anyhow, the puncture's fixed and tomorrow sees another commute with Mrs L. Should be good!

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